Senior Housing

Ewing Development is proud to provide this level of quality through an emerging form of senior housing, the cooperative lifestyle. To learn more about the advantages afforded to seniors at our cooperative properties, please visit us at our Vintage Cooperatives website.

Senior housing is poised to become the strongest market in real estate over the next two decades. While many developers are rushing to enter this market, Ewing Development has been developing senior housing projects for more than 15 years. A commitment to quality senior living is in the very foundation of our business.

Ewing development is committed to providing a unique combination of housing, supportive services, personalized assistance and secure social environments to help seniors remain independent for as long as they are able. Our primary objective is to respond to the needs of individuals with services that will enable them to age in place with dignity. Each resident will have his or her choice of care and lifestyle, protecting their right of privacy and nurturing the spirit of each individual.

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